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Welcome to 'My Takeaways'. The purpose of sharing failure is to reflect, teach, encourage, inspire and learn.

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This site is NOT about me. It's about all of you! Thank you!
I sincerely appreciate you stopping by to view us. I hope you got a chance to read some blogs. These are real people who were met with some really tough challenges in life but didn't give up. They learned from their failures. They learned do's and don'ts, things about themselves how life works for them and so much more. Share in their pains and struggles, their fights and resiliance and when some just knew to call it quits. Take something away from it!
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    Honoring the struggle, I have been challenged and had successes in management, consulting and financial aspects that motivated me to start My
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    This site is not about titles, me or what I've done. I am here to serve the greater good.
  3. My Takeaways
    This site is all about making life a little easier for all of us one lesson at a time. We often learn more about what not to do than what to do. Thanks for checking us out!